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I ordered Jack's book ... got it and put it somewhere. I can't find it. Perhaps I'm better off.
...Dr. I.M. Slow, Frothburg, NJ

For those of you who love radio as it once was, I would recommend "Same Time ... Same Station," for this is a book that brings memories flooding back. Some of the memories are wonderful. Others may make you cry because you'll tell yourself, "Hey, that happened to me, too!" The historical significance of these stories detailed faithfully by Gale is important, perhaps even immense. Regardless, Jack Gale lived a full radio life and his book is about that life, which was peopled by such as Stan Kaplan, Long John Silver, Jack Armstrong, Max Richmond, J.J. Jeffries, Ron Riley, Buddy Deane, George Wilson, Ray Mack, and many others you'll remember quite well. And there's interesting bits and pieces about the record business and many record promotion people are mentioned. Gale talks about his successes ... and his failures, about WAYS in Charlotte, and his forays into the record business, too. It's a fascinating book and one that I will treasure on my study shelf as long as I live.
...Claude Hall

"I read Claude’s review..he must have bad eyes"
...Bobby Vee

"I read Jack's book  "Same Time, Same Station" while sitting on the porch at night. It's great for swatting those damn mosquitos."
...Welby Tidball, Earthcow, MS

"Just received "Same Time, Same Station". Using the pages to cover the bottom of my bird cage. Wrap fish in the cover. Works great."
...Mr. I.C. Betterbooks

"Absolutely fabulous. Whatta great book. Jack should write ten more like this."
...Mrs. Gale, Palm City, FL

"I've flipped through your book. Good Stuff"
...Larry Shannon, Dallas, TX

"I read your book. You were born on a Friday. That's what your parents got for not having fish. Great book. That was radio. I've read it twice."
...Bill Taylor- KQSS-FM

"Just read your book. With publicity like that, I could be out of work for life"
...George Wilson, Albuquerque, NM

"YOUR BOOK IS TERRIFIC! After reading a few chapters to her, my wife Kathryn can’t wait to read it too"
...Tom Tyler- WFIL

"I really enjoyed reading your book and it did for me exactly what Claude Hall said it would. It brought back some memories of the way radio used to be, and still should be. I'll cherish your book for the rest of my life.
...Chris Morgan- WAPE,WPDQ,WQXI

"Great toilet reading- but the ring it left on my hiney is permanently imbedded now. Thank you Jack for a great book. The early years helped me to know where you came from. I cherish the autograph from someone I have always admired."

"Many thanks for the book. I can't put it down."
...Jeff Falewicz, Fall River, MA

"Loved it! Loved it!"
...J.J. Jeffrey

"Check’s in the mail. I hope you sell a Million. Now you gotta buy mine when it comes out."
...Johnny Holliday-ABC Sports- Washington, DC

"Same Time... Same Station" places you shoulder to shoulder with Jack as you run at an exciting, "Gale-force" speed through his most exciting and unusual career, during the days when Radio was literally super-charging our culture! I read his book in less than two days... and am still shaking with excitement!
...Shel Swartz, American Radio Preservation, Inc.

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