The Show


The “Mighty Gale Players” performed every morning on “Life Can Be Miserable”, a daily soap opera about Barry B. Barry, wealthy producer, whose new play “A Wife’s Other John” scheduled to open Monday at the famous Failure Theatre, only it never did.


One of radio’s funniest and award winning morning DJs, Jack entertained radio audiences from Cleveland to Boston to Baltimore to Charlotte.



In 1970, he was awarded the 1st  “Disk Jockey of the Year Award” by Billboard Magazine.

Thanks to Lovey, his wife, who has been the wind beneath his wings, Jack has always been blessed with the opportunity to do what he loved doing. As a DJ, he avoided most of the potholes in the road of life and says “If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it exactly the same way”!


Along with radio, Jack spent 15 years going to Nashville producing top country artists for his Playback Record company. And now Playback Record Nashville is back so visit the site today!